Duplicates, Broken Links, Google Drive & More

We are constantly follow your suggestions and today we happy to announce new features, which you requested more often than others.

They help you be more organized and clear the clutter.

Tags manager

Now you can manage all tags from one place. Rename, merge or delete them easily.

Duplicates Finder (PRO)

You will find duplicate bookmarks automatically and have ability to case-by-case decision. Filter them by specific criteria (oldest, youngest or duplicates in same collection).

Broken Links Finder (PRO)

Sometimes links become unavailable, for various reasons. For example author removed article or source site become unavailable. Now we constantly check every bookmark and highlight broken. So you can easily find them and wipe away.

Backup to Google Drive (PRO)

In addition to Dropbox we added backups to Google Drive. You can use them simultaneously.

Whats next?

  • Right now we working on brand new iOS and Android app. Stable, fast and intuitive.
  • New native Safari extension.
  • Notifications (SMS, Push, Email)

Raindrop.io Chrome Extension 6.0

Raindrop.io Chrome Extension 6.0 is now released! Now super stable, fast and more intuitive.

New features:

  • Drag image/link to save it, without clicking any buttons
  • Omnibar support. Type "r query" in browser address bar to find bookmark
  • Indication of saved pages. When page is added to bookmarks, extension button become blue

But... Now it works only just as Clipper. We decided to simplify extension and concentrate on improving bookmark adding experience.

As you remember our extension before 6 version allowed to browse your bookmarks in Sidebar-like panel. But because we made many tricks and hacks to make Sidebar work in browser, many users experienced crashes and ustable work. And we can't continue to support Sidebar-like extension due to browsers limitations.

So now extension only allows to add new bookmarks. But this decision made extension super stable, fast and more simple and intuitive to use!

To access your bookmarks please right click on extension button and select "My bookmarks". Or open new tab and just click on extension button. Or set hotkey in settings.

We continue to work on better and fast way accessing your bookmarks.

Improved Parsing and Import Engine

Now our parser engine processes web pages more accurate and correctly recognize main content in most cases. This has been achieved by rewriting engine from ground up.

Before we roughly parsed just HTML code ignoring JS and styling, often this approach gave an incorrect results. Now every page opened on server in headless browser taking into account all the nuances of web page.

Also now we can carefully parse rich media from over 1800 publishers and content providers (including Soundcloud, Google Maps, Tumblr, Codepen and many more).

Also now we have a powerful dedicated server to process imported bookmarks.

Sort by popularity

Now you can find best bookmarks you have. Just click to "Best" filter in any collection.

Popularity depends on social network likes.

Move multiple bookmarks at once

Now you can move multiple bookmarks at once.

Just check bookmarks and drag'n'drop they to prefered collection.

Mac App Beta

Download from "Install" tab in the bottom of sidebar.

Raindrop 4.0 Beta

Rewriten from ground up. More cool features:

- Themes

- Collections tree view

- Bookmarks preview

- Autosuggestion filters

- View customization (cover size, show/hide labels, apply for all)

- Favorites

Hotkeys for Chrome extension

Now you can save a page with a hotkey (Ctrl/Cmd+E) or from context menu.

To change hotkey go to Chrome extensions page.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Raindrop will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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